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Do you love the Gita? Yes? Then I humbly bow at your feet and beg you for two minutes of your time.... -> -> Please follow this link and join our social network Gita Jayanti International.. we need ***you*** in the network...that's all - no strings attached - stand up and be counted if you love the Gita!

We need the power of social media to globalize this very important event that can and will unite all sanatana dharmists and promote the wisdom of the Gita far and wide by simple networking at all levels.

We simply want to:

A) make Gita Jayanti bigger than Christmas Day (which is observed by every single Christian) - a holy day that is observed by every single Hindu / spiritual-minded man by simply singing along at least one chapter of the Gita on that auspicious day.

& B) work towards Gita Jayanti being declared a public holiday in India and globally everywhere by force of mass participation...

Only by the wisdom of the Gita becoming common knowledge of the masses of the world can the evil of wars-fought-on-the-basis-of-sectarian-minded-religionists come to an end, and non-sectarian spirituality blossom everywhere, with true unity in diversity and inter-religious harmony globally.

Bhumi Devi (Mother Earth) is crying for this! Please help us... Support our noble vision and just join the network and get **all** your Gita-believing friends to sign up too. [share this appeal on your timeline]

All resources of pdf text and mp3 audio to easily singalong the entire Gita are freely downloadable from the site.

Let us put all personal differences and ambitions aside, join hands in peace, and cast the net across the planet, welcoming all people to join us! Gita CAN make a difference!

Srimad Bhagavad Gita (the Beautiful Song of God) ki.... JAYA!!!!! (All glories!)

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