Dear friends and devotees,


Hare Kṛṣṇa!  Welcome to our GJI forums.  Please help us keep the focus on the purpose of this GJI social network - it is meant for networking and facilitating the sharing of resources and skills that are needed for promoting the skill of chanting/singig the sacred verses of the Bhagavad Gītā and for promoting/organizing events small or large, for the singing of the Bhagavad Gītā, both as a daily spiritual practice and for mass-worship events especially Gītā Jayanti.


Therefore we humbly request one and all, kindly post only messages which are relevant to these services for Mother Gītā.  Irrelevant msgs will have to be deleted. There are innumerable other suitable forums on the internet available for Gītā philosophical discussions, but this is not meant to be one of them. 


The Gītā is the oldest and possibly the most popular scripture in the world, so this network is meant for us who want to work hard in promoting Gītā Jayanti and sharing the skills and resources needed for this.


The mood of this GJI network is one of intra-faith cooperation, primarily for 'hindus' of any sect, who have firm faith in the Gītā and respect for God Almighty, can cooperate in serving Mother Gītā by promoting Bhagavad Gītā.  Any one of any religion is welcome too.  As such, it is not meant for preaching or debating any particular philosophy or religion. Intra-faith and Inter-faith platforms are never suitable for preaching, or trying to convert or canvass.  So we humbly request the cooperation of all members


Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation.  We look forward to working hard together in the service of Mother Gītā, in developing necessary materials and sharing the skills freely with one and all so that the Gītā will be heard all over the world and usher in peace and level-headed devotion to God. 


(The above points have been mentioned in the Terms Of Service, which was last updated on 1st Jan 2011 - you can view it by clicking Terms Of Service at the bottom right corner of any page of GJI.)


Too many ills have been brought about by religious bigotry and fanaticism.  The wisdom of the Gītā can purify our hearts and relieve us of such misunderstandings and at the same time increase our self-realization and devotion to God.  It is universal in its teachings, cutting across religious boundaries and dogmas to the eternal truths that can bind all of us together as brother and sister in God's family with no question of fighting over our different religions.


your humble servant,

in service of śrī guru, śrī gaurāṅga, śrīmad bhagavad gītā and śrī śrī gandharvikā-giridhārī,



dīna a. das

gītā jayanti servitor since 1996 in singapore, malaysia, cambodia, bali, new zealand, australia, chennai, and cyberspace ;-)


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  • Please visit this page to get a feel of the topics we would like to see actively discussed.  These are all directly related to promoting Gita Jayanti as a Holy Day that belongs to everyone, everywhere!  Thank you.


    yr sevant,



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