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dear friends and devotees,


Have you seen our Gītā Ślokas in special, Simplified Romanized Sanskṛt (please have a look www.dinasgitapresentation.on.to) slideshow format,


and in Tamil in 4 lines - www.tamilgita.on.to


and in Devanāgarī (Sanskṛt) - www.gitadevnag.on.to


(many of the above files are strangely displaying the fonts in GREY instead of Black -

please just click 'Download' in the upper left corner to save it on your computer as a PDF file

then i am sure it will display clearly as Black fonts.)



These slideshows really help people to easily sing the ślokas (verses) of the Holy Gītā. The Romanized Version is almost universal, since most people are familiar with the roman ('english') alphabets and their basic sounds, and the special feature of IAST Romanized Sanskṛt is that the 'basic' or 'most common' sound of each alphabet is used without variation, and that is what helps people who don't even know sanskṛt at all to easily sing along. The other thing, of course, is a simple tune (sample www.gitasingalong.on.to) and a slow speed (meter).


Still, there are hundreds of other languages and scripts on the planet, all of which are beautiful and are naturally loved by those who speak it. We'd like to see EVERY language of the world represented here, for Gītā's wisdom is for all mankind!  The Gītā's powerful sound vibrations belong to everyone.. so why not contribute your effort to make all 700 verses available in a similar format... I can help in whichever little way, by sharing my little templates with you, so you won't have to start from scratch.  Try  Downloading my Document Template for creating slideshows in 16/9 format for maximum screen display of Gītā Ślokas - Gita slokas v4.1 devanagari.dot, or try downloading three versions attached to this message.


In my past many years of helping people pick up the art of chanting and singing the Gītā (I teach simplifed sanskṛt pronunciation courses for beginners), i have found that it is MOST HELPFUL to have the text displayed in very large, bold format, in the language/script that the learner is already most famiiliar with.  Because even if the student knows the script, the words are sanskṛt, and unless he's already familiar with sanskṛt, he will need to see every alphabet clearly in order to get the correct pronunciation.


So if you are blessed to know another script/language and can type it in Microsoft Word format, then please do consider voluteering for this service opportunity to help make the mercy of Mother Gītā available to all your fellow humans who are schooled in that language! I'll gladly try to help out if you get stuck - you can post your questions here and i (or other experienced souls in this network) will surely reply with help.


Ready to commit? Post your msg here now and get typing! Haribol!



your tiny servant,

in loving service of śrī guru, śrī gaurāṅga, śrīmad bhagavad gītā and śrī śrī gandharvikā-giridhārī,




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~Gita slokas v4.1 copy.dot

~Gita slokas v4.1 devanagari.dot

~Gita slokas v4.1 devanagari (+ RED).dot

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