Hare Krsna Prabhu,


We would like to know your availability or date of available in south india, so that we can plan a seminar on Gita Chanting for school children. Since they are enjoying vaccassion in kerala, kindly let me know what is the procedure for the same.


your humble servant

radhakant das adhikari

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  • Dear Radhakant prabhu,


    please accept my humble pranams. al glories to srila gurudev and srila prabhupada!


    thank you for your kind invitation - i am honoured.  i remember the wonderful Gita chanting with did with the kids in your home - it is great work you and your family are doing for the benefit of everyone in your beautiful village!  Please may I know


    (a) till when the vacations go on,


    and (b) also what is the age group of teh children in question - may have to do it in separate groups if the age range is too much.


    I will probably be travelling to Singapore and Malaysia soon, and could plan to come there on the return leg.


    I pray this msg finds all of you in the best of health and in blissful krishna consciousness.  Haribol!



    your humble servant

    in service of sri guru and sri gauranga,





    PS If you had observed GJ, and have some pictures/videos of it, pls do submit a short report here on GJI for the pleasure of the assembled devotees.  Thank you. - d.

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