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in service of sri guru, sri gopal and srimad bhagavad gita, 


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  • 1493317566?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Gita Jayanti Falls on Monday the 21st of December this year, 2015

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  • 14th Annual Gita Jayanti In Singapore:  Sun 19th Feb 2012

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Gita Jayanthi 2011-12 (Maharashtra Mandal, Singapore) <>
    Date: 10 January 2012 15:41
    Subject: Invitation - Gita Havan on 19th Feb 2012.

    Gita Jayanti 2011-12 (Singapore)
    || Hari Om||
    Dear All,

    This is the 14th year in succession that Gita Jayanti is being celebrated in Singapore.
    The "Gita Jayanti 2011-12" celebrations will be led by Maharashtra Mandal (Singapore) (MMS) - along with the other Hindu Temples and organizations of Singapore under the auspices of the Hindu Endowments Board.
    Like in the previous years, we would invite your participation the Gita Maha Havan which is the main event scheduled on 19 Feb 2012 (Sunday) starting at 7.00 a.m..
    A program of this magnitude will not be possible without the kind support and co-operation of many people and organizations.
    If you would like to participate in this unique event in any capacity, please respond as below. Different coordinators will contact you on the respective subjects in due course of time.
    • As a Sponsor to "Gita Havan" in any capacity - Please reply to this mail with contact details and subject Heading " Gita Sponsor"
    • As a Advertiser in "Gita Vani"   (our annual free magazine which will be distributed on Havan Day) -  Please reply to this mail with contact details and subject Heading "Gita Advertiser"
    • As a Volunteer  - General (On the pervious day to help construct Havan Pits / Preparations) -   Please reply to this mail with contact details and subject Heading " Gita Volunteer"
    • As a Volunteer - Priest (On the Havan day to sit and perform Havan as a lead) -  Please reply to this mail with contact details and subject Heading "Gita Priest"
    • As a Volunteer - Chanting (on the Havan day ) - Please reply to this mail with contact details and subject Heading "Gita Chanting"
    You get the details of various programs and events  at:

    Best Regards
                Gita Jayanthi 2011-12 (Maharashtra Mandal, Singapore) <>

    on  behalf of Gita Organizing Committee 2010-11






    Dat & Time:    Saturday 3rd December, 1:30pm until 6:00pm

    Venue:           Sherwood Scout Hall, 14 Young Street , Graceville , Brisbane




    Dear Friends,

    The 6th of December marks the anniversary of the day on which Lord Krishna spoke the sacred Bhagavad-Gita to His friend and devotee, Arjuna. It is a historic event and has been celebrated in India over many centuries. In commemoration of this most auspicious occasion, we would like to invite you to be a part of the Gita Jayanti celebrations. The Bhagavad-Gita As It Is will be recited in its entirety, with different devotees leading the chanting of different chapters, and we look forward to having you there as a part of the recitation. Just like the spiritual high that is experienced through kirtan, we invite you to experience another spiritual high by leading the chanting of one of the eighteen chapters. 

    Gita Jayanti Festival - Full recital of the Bhagavad Gita

    Saturday 3rd December

    1:30pm - 6.00pm

    Sherwood Scout Hall - 14 Young Street, Graceville 

    For further information please contact Ramanuja Dasa:

    "This is the opportunity we all have now. On Gita Jayanti we think of Krsna, recite the Gita, and perform the yajna, but the real essence of the celebration is to bring more people to Krsna, to the wisdom of the Gita. As devotees, we want to bring others to Krsna, and when we do, Krsna is even more pleased. And that is what Gita Jayanti is really meant to do: to please Krsna, to bring the Bhagavad-gita to more people and bring more people to Krsna–and make us dear to Krsna." HH Giriraj Swami, Houston, 2009

    in service,

    The Radha Krishna Saturday Feast Team




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  • Hare Krishna!  Dear Gita Lovers,


    Do post info of forthcoming GJ events that you know of here (by replying to this msg), to create a database of GJ events to facilitate seekers..

  • Hare Krishna!


    Dear Gita friends, when you have an event to announce, you can create a little countdown timer by pasting this code in your webpage (in html):


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    Or you can make your own countdown timer widget here: or at



    Gita Jayanti ki.. jaya!@



    your humble servant

    in service of sri guru and sri gauranga,




  • It's here again!  The annual Singapore Gita Jayanti event - this was the 'original' event which is now being emulated in other corners of the world.  Gīta Jayanti kī..... jaya!!
    pls see the below invitation from the organizers for the grand event (usually held in Jan/Feb each year after a month of Gita-related events)
    yrs in service
    of sri guru and sri gaurāṅga,

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Gita Jayanthi 2010-11 (Singapore Gujarati Samaj) a href="" target="_blank">>
    Date: 1 February 2011 07:06
    Subject: Invitation For Participation in Gita Havan on 13th Feb 2011

    Under auspices of Hindu Endowments Board - Singapore, 36 different Indian Organisations and temples will come together to conduct " Gita Jayanti" every year. This year events lead by "Singapore Gujarati Samaja" is organising "Gita Havan" in Sri Srinivasa Perumal (Balaji ) Temple, Serangoon on 13th of Feb 11 (Sunday). To make this event successful, on behalf of Gita Jayanti Committee 2011, we would appreciate if you could come forward along with  your family & friends  to volunteer in this noble cause.  As usual  we are expecting over  1000 people for this event.


    We need your help for preparations on..
    12th Feb 9.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. (lunch will be arranged) - Constructing Havan Pits and ground work / preparation
    12th Feb 2.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. ( dinner will be arranged) -   - Constructing Havan Pits and ground work / preparation
    and on


    13th Feb 7.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m. for the Havan ( breakfast and lunch will be arranged) - Various supports required


    We sincerely look forward for your support.  Please encourage your friends/family also to come, participate and help us in this event.


    Please mail your availability for volunteering indicating availability of date (either 12th or 13th or both), time (either morning or evening) and contact details (Name, Phone, e-mail address)   before 10th Feb 2011 by mailing to  (You can also call S.Vijaya Kumar at 63007758, if you need any clarifications)



    Unique Opportunity to Sit and Perform Gita Havan: 


    Also there is an unique opportunity for 18 volunteers to sit and  and lead the Gita Havan for all the 18 chapters in 18 "Havan Pits". It is an free and unique opportunity not to be missed!!. However, Gita Jayanti Committee welcome donations of any proportions  towards this event  


    If you are interested  to volunteer as a priest, please contact Shri. S.Vijaya  Kumar at 63007758 or by sending a mail to with your name and contact details before 10th of  Feb 11.  


    However please note...


    • Each of you will be assigned to one "havan pit" that you need to lead according to havan's chief priest's instruction.
    • You should be able to sit for about 3-4 hours from beginning to end. However, it could be shorter, if there are more numbers of priests available to lead the Havan Pits,
    • You should have some basic practice of doing "sandhya vandhane/pooja" so that you are familiar with process. However, it is not mandatory.
    • All the priests are encouraged to come and volunteer on 12th Feb p.m. so that instructions for the next day will be passed on to you at the end of the day..

    Gita Jayanthi Organizing Committee 2011 would like to express its sincere thanks to you for your support to various programmes organized in the previous years. Please visit the following web page for more details of Havan and other activities.

  (official website of GJ Singapore, which is organized under the auspices of the Singapore Hindu Endowments Board)



    Best Regards
    On behalf of Gita Jayanti Singapore 2010-11  Organising Committee
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