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Simplified Sanskrit Pronunciation + Spontaneous Demo Class

Dina-Anukampana Das, creator of www.gitajayanti.org interviewed by Gajanand Agrawal Ji, founder of www.Cowgrazing.com on Sanskrit Pronunciation and singing the Gita as a Bhajan.

( To share this very video page, please use this link:- http://www.tiny.cc/sanskrit4)

To find all our Sanskrit Pronunciation resources, use this shortcut - http://www.tiny.cc/SANSKRIT)

Here is a guide to a simple daily 2 minutes exercise that can help you read and pronounce Romanized Sanskrit very accurately quickly: http://www.tiny.cc/countvowels

And if you like more of that type of guided exercise (where the syllables are pre-broken up with tiny red dots) please print out and use this Lalita Sahasranama :-


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