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Sanskrit Vowels & Consonants - how to pronounce

Here is a simple video showing the basic vowels and consonants of Sanskrit and explaining, in a very simple way, how to pronounce them.


What are Diacritics? (the little dots and lines added above or below the alphabets in Romanized Sanskrit)
How to master them very quickly:

Part 1: http://gitajayanti.ning.com/video/what-are-diacritics-pt-1-of-3-introduction

Part 2: http://gitajayanti.ning.com/video/what-are-diacritics-pt-2-of-3-vowels-in-romanized-sanskrit


Part 3: http://gitajayanti.ning.com/video/what-are-diacritics-pt-3-of-3-consonants-in-romanized-sanskrit


More videos on Sanskrit Pronunciation here: https://vimeo.com/groups/151501/

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