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Sample low quality vid Gita Romanized Sanskrit in Karaoke Format Ch 01 pt 1 of 2

Here is a low quality video sample of Karaoke format Gita verses. Pls download it in high quality along with a reall useful karaoke player and editor from www.karaokegita.on.to
So far only chapter 1 has been done in 2 parts. In the near future, i hope to have all 18 chapters in this novel format - you can adjust the key (singing scale) to suit your voice, and the speed - beginners need to slow it down!


Download the karaoke format (.kfn) files WITH AUDIO EMBEDDED from these pages:

Please download the Free Karaoke Player here: www.karafun.com/karaokeplayer/

Please download the Invocations, Gītā Dhyānam and the first six chapters in .kfn format here: www.tiny.cc/karaokegita1

Please download the middle six chapters in .kfn format here: www.tiny.cc/karaokegita2

Please download the last six chapters and the Gītā Māhātmyam in .kfn format here: www.tiny.cc/karaokegita3

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