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TV Interview with Dina Anukampana Das on Sanskrit Pronunciation Course & Gita Jayanti

Sing the Bhagavad Gita easily
with text from www.tiny.cc/gitatext (Simplified Romanized) or with www.tiny.cc/gitatext3 (Simplified Devanāgari)
& with audio from www.tiny.cc/gitabydina

And now, anyone can sing the Gita: www.bit.ly/kgita12slow - the first video is a low quality sample showing how to slow down the playback speed in YouTube to 0.75.

Almost any adult can comfortably singalong when the speed is thus reduced. For a child, it can be slowed down further to 0.5, then gradually increased as the days go by. Generally, children can get a whole chapter by heart if they simply sing it daily for 3 weeks. Then they can go faster than adults!

The subsequent videos in the same playlist contain all the chapters of the Gita in higher quality in Karaoke Format. Even higher resolution is available via www.bit.ly/kgitayoutube1


The above TV interview (in English) was made in Auckland, NZ in 2008, with the kind help of Dr Shyam Grover and HG Padma Sambhava Das.

In it, I discussed Gita Jayanti programs and my special methods for teaching perfect Sanskrit pronunciation to beginners (using phonetics and accelerated learning techniques)


I have all collected my sanskrit pronunciation course resources on one page now on our Gita Jayanti Int'l Network on gitajayanti.ning.com - here's the easy-to-remember shortcut for it: www.tiny.cc/sanskrit

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