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Easily Sing the Gita! Karaoke video format (8.3 mbps)

(For a lower resolution version [3.1kbps], please click here: http://gitajayanti.ning.com/video/karaoke-gita-in-video-format-3-1-mbps)


[Download .wmv Karaoke Gita Video files from Dropbox.com]


Tips for best use of these videos: Play it in Windows Media Player and do these two things:

i. Right click the video as it plays,
go to Enhancements; then go to Play Speed Settings
- For kids and beginners, slow it down as much as 0.5

ii. Right click the video as it plays,
go to Enhancements; then go to SRS WOW effects
- turn that control on and slide it to the maximum
It will greatly enhance the musical accompaniment.


Download the entire GIta in Karaoke Format (.kfn) along with a free Karaoke player at:


The original karaoke .kfn files have far better video and audio quality plus you can easily change its playback speed - slow it down by 30 per cent or more for kids and beginners - then EVERYONE can have fun and easily sing the Bhagavad Gita!

Happy Gita Singing!!

Try singing along for just one chapter - sanskrit verses have an immensely therapeutic effect upon our psyche, especially if done in a devotional mood as an offering to the Supreme Lord.


Here is the list of the Complete Gita Karaoke videos in sequence:

00a Invocations [07m29s ]
00b Gita Dhyaanam [05m05s]
01a Gita Chapter 1 (1-27) [07m54s]
01b Gita Chapter 1 (28to46) [05m42s]
02a Gita Chapter 2 (1-36) [11m26s]
02b Gita Chapter 2 (37-72) [11m17s]
03 Gita Chapter 3 (1-43) [10m50s]
04a Gita Chapter 4 (1-21) [06m07s]
04b Gita Chapter 4 (22-42) [06m18s]
05 Gita Chapter 5 (1-29) [08m39s]
06a Gita Chapter 6 (1-23) [06m24s]
06b Gita Chapter 6 (24-47) [07m27s]
07 Gita Chapter 7 (1-30) [08m50s]
08 Gita Chapter 8 (1-28) [08m33s]
09 Gita Chapter 9 (1-34) [10m16s]
10 Gita Chapter 10 (1-42) [10m52s]
11a Gita Chapter 11 (1-27) [ 08m52s]
11b Gita Chapter 11 (28-55) [10m33s]
12 Gita Chapter 12 (1-20) [06m23s]
13 Gita Chapter 13 (1-35) [10m51s]
14 Gita Chapter 14 (1-27) [08m36s]
15 Gita Chapter 15 (1-20) [06m54s]
16 Gita Chapter 16 (11-24) [06m39s]
17 Gita Chapter 17 (1-28) [07m53s]
18a Gita Chapter 18 (1-39) [09m50s]
18b Gita Chapter 18 (40-78) [10m28s]
19 Gita Mahatmyam(23v) [06m11s]

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