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EASILY SLOW DOWN THE PLAYBACK! { This page is www.tiny.cc/karaokegita }

How to slow down the playback speed?


This link first demonstrates how to slow down playback speed in YouTube. Secondly, it gives you a low quality demo of Chapter 12 slowed down to 0.75 speed. [For small child, use 0.5 - it gives them hope, **and MAGICALLY imparts reading skills!!** Test it out and see for yourself!) Lastly, it continues with the full playlist of the entire K Gita! (Generally YouTube's speed change control is available using the DESKTOP VIEW in your mobile browser or PC)


- Open that full playlist directly in your YouTube App.


Or www.bit.ly/kgitayoutube

- While it plays, click once in the video screen.

- Then click the three dots for menu, or the Gear-shaped icon for Settings (as in the video above).

- Then choose Playback Speed from the menu.

For kids, set it at 0.75 (three quarters) speed,

and for beginners who need to identify each syllable, choose 0.5 (half) speed.

It is really absorbing, easy and fun, even for a beginner.

VIDEO DEMO FOR HOW TO SLOWDOWN IN YOUTUBE followed by Chapter 12 already slowed down to 0.75 speed - www.bit.ly/kgita12slow - please try it - it is really SO, SO EASY & FUN for anyone at all to sing along the Gita - no more excuses! Let us all honour our Spiritual Mother, the Gita, every year - on Her birthday and on Her Divine Author's Birthday, Guru Purnima!

But I don't know when Guru Purnima and Gita Jayanti occur?

Please click the GJ DATES tab above for all future dates for GJ & GP :-)

To share this very video page with everyone, give them this shortcut URL: http://www.bit.ly/karaokegita


(For the 8.3 mbps version videos, click here: http://gitajayanti.ning.com/video/karaoke-gita-in-video-format-8-3-mbps)


[Download .wmv Karaoke Gita Video files from Dropbox.com]

Karaoke Gita Video files on dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/una0ijlkf985dxg/AACaZWOdHfLcxPIekez0KUyka?dl=0

Tips for best use of these videos: Play it in Windows Media Player and do these two things:

i. Right click the video as it plays,
go to Enhancements; then go to Play Speed Settings
- For kids and beginners, slow it down as much as 0.5

ii. Right click the video as it plays,
go to Enhancements; then go to SRS WOW effects
- turn that control on and slide it to the maximum
It will greatly enhance the musical accompaniment.


Download the entire GIta in Karaoke Format (.kfn) along with a free Karaoke player at:


The original karaoke .kfn files have far better video and audio quality plus you can easily change its playback speed - slow it down by 30 per cent or more for kids and beginners - then EVERYONE can have fun and easily sing the Bhagavad Gita!

Happy Gita Singing!!

Try singing along for just one chapter - sanskrit verses have an immensely therapeutic effect upon our psyche, especially if done in a devotional mood as an offering to the Supreme Lord.


Here is the list of the Complete Gita Karaoke videos in sequence:


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