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Gita Jayanti Malaysia 2006 Part 2 of 5 @ Divine Life Society HQ, Batu Caves, Malaysia

This is Part 2 of 5 parts of a professional video recording of our live singing of the entire Bhagavad Gita. Please find all the other parts here www.vimeo.com or here www.youtube.com

If you like to get the resources for singing the Gita in this easy, singalong way, you can get all the resources for free download via www.gitajayanti.ning.com.

A sample of the simplified text for easy singalong - www.gitasingalong.on.to Download the text in this format from www.dinasgitabook.on.to or www.dinasgitapresentation.on.to

Download the MP3 audio tracks from http://www.tinyurl.com/gitasingalong

New development: Download the entire gita in Karaoke format, which can be played back at variable speed. www.karaokegita.on.to or www.tinyurl.com/karaokegita

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Comment by Dina-Anukampana Das on April 9, 2012 at 12:13


MP3 Audio Downloads: Gita in Sanskrit

FREE Download of all 18 chapters of the Gītā
in MP3 Audio MP3 (Sanskṛt & English Translations)

Also downloadable from 'iskcondesiretree site' via www.tinyurl.com/gitasingalong

Click to play the tracks online

or right-click to download them:


¤  Invocations                ¤  Gita Dhyanam                   ¤  Chapter 1 pt 1

¤  Chapter 1 pt 2            ¤  Chapter 2 pt 1                  ¤  Chapter 2 pt 2

¤  Chapter 3                   ¤  Chapter 4 pt 1                   ¤  Chapter 4 pt 2

¤  Chapter 5                   ¤  Chapter 6 pt 1                   ¤  Chapter 6 pt 2

¤  Chapter 7                   ¤  Chapter 8                          ¤  Chapter 9

¤  Chapter 10                 ¤  Chapter 11 pt 1                 ¤  Chapter 11 pt 2

¤  Chapter 12                 ¤  Chapter 13                         ¤  Chapter 14

¤  Chapter 15                 ¤  Chapter 16                         ¤  Chapter 17

¤  Chapter 18 pt 1          ¤  Chapter 18 pt 2                 ¤  Gita Mahatmyam


Comment by Dina-Anukampana Das on November 2, 2018 at 19:47

This is not an artistic stage performance for entertainment... I laugh and cringe when I hear this recording... but let me explain for those who were not there...

I am not a trained professional singer.. what we had in the forefront of our mind was this:  participation.

Nothing else...   you see, for centuries the propaganda that Sanskrit is tough and must not be learnt - that it is a dead language, which it is not, but there are forces certainly trying to kill it - Hindus have been steered far away from this, the greatest language in the world which stores the greatest wisdom and secrets of the nature of life, of human consciousness, of time and of the cosmos, are locked away in this powerful language.  It makes other philosophies appear relatively small.  So colonial missionary forces who were not after Truth but after dominating the world economy and belief systems tried to kill the language and stopped its teaching in India.

So here we had perhaps a couple of hundred sincere hindu bhaktas who wanted to join us in singing the Gita, but they were shy and afraid of making mistakes... so I was leading them trying to induce them to sing... and when some started cautiously trying to sing along, we raised the key a little and sang a little higher so they were induced to sing louder.   As the singing gets louder, more shy souls begin to sing, because they feel their voice will be masked by all the others... that was our goal - just to get everyone to somehow or other open their mouths and start singing the spiritually powerful and mercy-filled verses of the Gita.  The result was far less than artistic, and we apologize for that.  But those in the audience who responded to our efforts to just get everyone to open their mouths and sing, no matter how good or bad their singing was, well, they would have been encouraged seeing that I too could not sing that well  ;-)

However, as the program progressed, and practically everyone in the room became like simple kindergarten kids, singing from our hearts and crying out to Mother Gita for mercy - the atmosphere became surcharged with spiritual joy.

We used to joke that cricket is so popular in India because, like Hinduism, it is a spectator sport!   Only the brahmins at a function are involved in chanting or doing anything, and everyone else's duty sadly is to just sit in bored silence, or simply socialize with no clue as to what is supposed to be happening spiritually.  Neither do the paid brahmanas (usually labour contract workers brought in as employees in Singapore and Malaysia to help run the temples which no local wants to 'work' in...) neither do they want to explain to the public what they are doing and how they can join in.

So this type of program was unique to get everyone involved.

I remember with great happiness one lady with grown up children, who, after her third year of attending Gita Jayanti and singing all the 18 chapters wholeheartedly each time, told me that ever since she learnt how to sing the verses, she made it a point to sing one chapter of the Gita daily as a part of her daily prayers!   Now isn't that a great reward - it is all we hoped to achieve.  And if one family could make that transition, then I think the above effort recorded on video was very successful and fruitful.

Again, I apologize if my poor singing hurts your ears or your sense of music - and I accept it is painful to hear - yet, please understand our intention behind it.

I therefore humbly request all, please sing 1 chapter of Gita every day, or read 1 chapter in any language that you love... let the wisdom of God sink deep into you & sublimely guide your life. TQ

Comment by Dina-Anukampana Das on November 2, 2018 at 19:55

For those who would like to learn to sing the Gita, please use these resources:

Go to YouTube via www.bit.ly/kgitayoutube and find the playlist with all 18 chapters of the Gita there in KARAOKE singalong format.   Slow it down to 0.75 or 0.5 and anyone will be able to sing along easily.   Gradually increase the speed as the kids become familiar with a chapter, and within a couple of weeks, they will get it by heart.  (If you view this on a mobile tel, you may not be able to change the YouTube playback speed.  To change playback speed on your mobile device, do the following:  1) Open the above web address in your BROWSER, not in your YouTube app.  2) Next, Click the menu of your browswer and select 'Desktop View' - then the full YouTube web page will be seen.  3)  Zoom in to the bottom right of the video screen and click the gear-shaped settings icon.  Then change the speed to slow down or speed up playback.  Happy Gita Singing!

If you do not have good internet, then please download all the video files from www.bit.ly/kgitadownload and use VLC app or media player - in there you can slow down the playback speed (click settings and look for the speed icon which looks like a Running Man)

Gita Mata ki.. JAYA!

Other resources - Gita text in simplified formats - please click the DOWNLOADS tab at the top left of this web page.  Or use this link www.bit.ly/gjdownloads   Thank you for helping the whole world to learn how to sing the Gita loudly!  Haribol!

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