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Pt 1 & 2 - Gita Slokas in TELUGU in ****FOUR***** LINES - makes it so much easier!!

FINAL - TELUGU GITA (Ch 01-06).doc
FINAL - TELUGU GITA (Ch 07-12).doc

Fonts needed: Priyaanka
and TL-Hemalatha (coming in next post)

The attached DOC files are the first & second part of the Gita Slokas in Telugu in 4 lines (i.e. 8 syllables per line)
Traditionally, the slokas are presented in Telugu in 2 lines i.e. with 16 syllables on each line, which makes it very hard for an inexperienced reader to chant from, because he will have great difficulty to predict where he shd break the line (after 8 syllables)

Hope many devotees who are either good at Tamil or who would like to practise reading from Tamil will find these files useful.

Hare krsna

yr servant,


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