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Invitation to Volunteer in Gita Havan - 2013

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"|| Hari Om ||

Under auspices of Hindu Endowments Board - Singapore, 36 different Indian Organisations and temples will come together to conduct " Gita Jayanti" every year. This year events lead by "Arya Samaj", Singapore" is organising "Gita Havan" in specially made marquee in Serangoon Road, near Sri Srinivasa Perumal (Balaji ) Temple, Serangoon on 24th of Feb 2013 (Sunday). To make this event successful, on behalf of Gita Jayanti Committee 2012-13, we would appreciate if you could come forward along with your family & friends to volunteer in this noble cause. As usual we are expecting over 1000 people for this event.

To conduct a programme of this proportions, it would not be possible without your selfless support at various fronts on 23rd February and as well as on 24th February.

Also there is an unique opportunity for volunteers to sit and and lead the Gita Havan for all the 18 chapters in 18 "Havan Pits". It is an free and unique opportunity not to be missed!! (These volunteers are strongly encouraged to come and volunteer on 23rd February).

Your kind contributions to "Gita Souvenir Magazine - Gita Vani" will be very meaningful and is highly appreciated. Please refer to earlier mail for details or call Kumar @ 91012445.

All refreshments will be provided to all the volunteers on both days.

Please register your interest below and be a "Gita volunteer".

Best Regards

Gita Jayanti (Singapore)
6392 2492 / 6294 1358 / 6296 3469

For more information on Gita Jayanti (Singapore) please visit www.gitajayanti.org.sg

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