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Gītā Ślokas in Tamil (each sloka in 4 lines, for easy reading) - now viewable online & downloadable too

dear friends

hare krsna

happy to inform you that i have just uploaded a new version of the Gītā Ślokas in Tamil with each verse in 4 lines, as kindly edited by Chellppa prabhu.

you can download it (about 2.5 MB only, PDF file) or view it online if you have a good connection on scribd.com - http://www.tamilgita.on.to/

you can also see another version of the Gītā in Tamil (in 2 lines, though) with Numbered Consonants, for accurate pronunciation here - http://www.tamilgita2.on.to

hare krsna happy gītā singing and happy Gītā Jayanti preparations!

yr humble servant
in service of śrī guru and śrī gaurāṅga,

dīna-anukampana dāsa

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