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Gita Jayanti Singapore - Please support Gita Jayanti Souvenir Magazine

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                                               Gita Jayanti Souvenir Magazine
The Gita Jayanti celebrations is the combined effort of many Hindu temples and organizations in Singapore. It is a year-long celebration in gratitude of the teaching in the Bhagavad Gita.

As a part of the celebrations various events such as Monthly Gita Prayans, International Gita Forum, Drawing Competitions, Chanting Competitions, Gita Quiz, Krishna Manjari - annual cultural show, Mokshada Ekadhashi, etc. culminating with grand "Gita Havan" in February every year.

All the events, including referements are offered FREE to public.

Every year either one of the Hindu Organization or a temple will take the lead in organizing these events. "ARYA SAMAJ", Singapore is taking the lead organization role for the current year. This year is the sixteenth anniversely of the combined celeberations.

Events of this nature, as you know need funding and major source of financial support to Gita Jayanti (Singapore) is its annual souvenir magazine. We sincerely appeal to you for your kind and gracious support to place an advertisement space in our souvenir magazine which we are bringing out in February 2013 on the occassion of "Gita Havan".

This magazine will be distributed to all participants of the "Gita Havan" and will also be given to all our advertisers and supporters throughout the world.

We kindly urge you to support in whatever extent possible to this noble cause to keep this spirit alive.

Please register your interest below and you will be contacted soon by a Gita volunteer.

Best Regards

Gita Jayanti (Singapore)
6392 2492 / 6294 1358 / 6296 3469

For more information on Gita Jayanti (Singapore) please visit www.gitajayanti.org.sg

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