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Gita Jayanti Coming :? 0th Nov 2017. Learn to Singalong

Gita Jayanti! Gita Jayanti!
How can I sing the Gita (The Song Of God)?
Is it only for experts and pundits?

Nope! With Karaoke Gita, anyone can sing!


- Open this playlist in your YouTube App.
- While it plays, click once in the video screen.
- Then click the three dots for menu.
- Then choose Playback Speed from the menu.

For kids, set it at 0.75 (three quarters) speed,

and for beginners who need to identify each syllable, choose 0.5 (half) speed.

It is REALLY, really absorbing, easy and fun, even for a beginner:- https://youtu.be/ijz00HL3Itg?list=PLCPEMKTFJQ3OCOT9XJETKEEPH5YPDNIV9

So make your vow today, to observe Gita Jayanti (*your* Mother's birthday) by singing an offering of at least one chapter - chapters 12 & 15 take only 6 minutes each!! - for the divine pleasure of the All-Merciful Lord Krishna, Who is the Supersoul living in everyone's heart! Hare Krsna!

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