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Brisbane, Australia: Laxminarayan Mandir - Gita Jayanti 19 December 2010

Subject: Laxminarayan Mandir - Gita Jayanti 19 December 2010
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Dear Devotees

Jay Shri Krishna

Sri Gita Jayanti will be celebrated at the Laxmi Narayan temple, Mt Cotton Road, Burbank on Sunday 19 December 2010.

Hare Krishna devotees will lead the recital of the entire Gita from start to finish. The Gita will be melodiously sung.
Overhead projector is to be used to project the words of the Gita on ascreen so that all devotees can recite.

Programme starts 12.30 pm and recital should end around 4pm. Then there will be kirtan.
Acharya ji Pandit Triparti will give a discourse from 5pm.

Srimad Bagvat Gita is the ABC of spiritual life, It is the underlying principle in all Purans, it is for all people and transcends time, place and audience.

Try not to miss this programme.

Rajesh Gopal
Laxminarayan Mandir

Kind Regards,
Minesh Parmar
Kshatriya Society of Brisbane, Inc.

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