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Full Gita Recitation & Singing today Guru Purnima live on GOOGLE MEET - <a href="http://www.bit.ly/LiveGuruPurnima2020">www.bit.ly/LiveGuruPurnima2020</a>

Guru Purnima = Birthday of Sri Vyasadev Mahamuni, author of Bhagavad Gita.

In his honour, we shall recite entire Gita today -

Morning 8 am - 1 pm (Singapore Time) in English

& again

Evening 2 pm - 8 pm (SG Time) Bhajan Style in Sanskrit*

FaceBook Live - Technical problems: Mobile is overheating.

We are live on GOOGLE MEET now -

Please join us on Google Meet - use…


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Gita Jayanti Singapore produces a 100+ pages glossy magazine every year, 'Gita Vani'

Here are several past issues of this lovely magazine, edited tirelessly by Shri M. Krishna Kumar


Gita Jayanti Singapore's Annual 100+ Page Magazine - 'Gita Vani'

Gita Jayanti has been going on annually for 20…


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Gita Jayanti Coming :? 0th Nov 2017. Learn to Singalong

Gita Jayanti! Gita Jayanti!

How can I sing the Gita (The Song Of God)?

Is it only for experts and pundits?

Nope! With Karaoke Gita, anyone can sing!



- Open this playlist in your YouTube App.

- While it plays, click once in the video screen.

- Then click the three dots for menu.

- Then choose Playback Speed from the menu.

For kids, set it at 0.75 (three quarters)… Continue

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8000 Participate In Gita Jayanti Festival In Beautiful Bali (Indonesia)

Bhagavad Gita Festival In Bali, Indonesia

25 Nov 2014, Bali, Indonesia

In connection with the Bhagavad Gita’s 5151st birthday, a record setting event took place at the Tanah Lot Temple in Bali.

Over 8,000 Balinese youths gathered to chant the Gita in its entirety. The youths remained seated for the full 3 hours it took to chant all 18 chapters of the sacred scripture, vowing not to…


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From Gita Jayanti Singapore: Chanting, Essay and Oratorical Competitions, January/February 2014. Hurry Register Today!

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Gita Competitions 2014 - Chanting, Essay and Oratorical Competitions

What is "Life?" What is "Meaningful" Life? Whether "You" and "Me" can have a meaningful Life? How does "Gita"help us to lead a "Meaningful Life" ?   Come.......and  share your thoughts.…


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International Gita Forum Singapore - IGFS 2013 (II) & Children Art Competitions - Registration closes on 23rd October




Registration Closes on 23rd October!


Thanks for overwhelming response to the International Gita Forum and Children Art…


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Gitajayanti (Singapore) - Krishna Manjari 2013


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Invitation to Volunteer in Gita Havan - 2013

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"|| Hari Om ||

Under auspices of Hindu Endowments Board - Singapore, 36 different Indian Organisations and temples will come together to conduct " Gita Jayanti" every year. This year events lead by "Arya Samaj", Singapore" is organising "Gita Havan" in specially made marquee in Serangoon Road, near Sri Srinivasa Perumal (Balaji ) Temple, Serangoon on 24th of Feb 2013 (Sunday). To make this event successful, on behalf of Gita Jayanti…


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Gita Jayanti Singapore - Please support Gita Jayanti Souvenir Magazine

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                                               Gita Jayanti Souvenir Magazine


The Gita Jayanti celebrations is the combined effort of many Hindu temples and organizations in Singapore. It is a year-long celebration in gratitude of the teaching in the Bhagavad Gita.

As a part of the celebrations various events such as Monthly Gita Prayans, International Gita Forum, Drawing Competitions, Chanting Competitions, Gita Quiz, Krishna…


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Śrīmad Bhagavad Gītā used at US congress

Tulsi Gabbard, First Hindu In Congress, Uses Bhagavad Gita At Swearing-In

Tulsi Gabbard Hindu

Tulsi Gabbard Hindu Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu in Congress, participates in a ceremonial swearing-in administered by Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner.

The Bible and Torah have long been used at swearing-in ceremonies for members of Congress and have been joined by the Quran in more recent years, but this week marked the…


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Reciting chapter 15 - reap the rewards of Purushottam month!

Hare Krsna!

It's the auspicious Purushottam month! (18 August to 16 September).  This is an extra month in the vedic calendar that is experienced every three years.  Take advantage of the benefits of this month by reciting Chapter 15 of Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

listen to chapter 15 in english or sanskrit here



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A new Gita channel on vimeo.com

Something to share with our GJI friends...

Dear GJI devotees/members,

Today, I was updating my vimeo.com account.  There was a box to be filled in for my Gita channel (www.vimeo.com/channels/gita/) and the guide for filling up that box said.... "Tell the story behind your Channel."  

So I began telling the story and reminiscing.. and it became quite long..... thought I'd share it…


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Bhagavad Gita quiz contest in Pakistan

AMRITSAR: It may sound strange but shlokas from Bhagavad Gita reverberated in a school in Karachi, Pakistan, where young Hindu boys and girls took part in a quiz contest held on Saturday to test their knowledge of their religion -- Sanatan Dharma. Buoyed by the success of the event, the organizers, Pakistan Hindu Seva (PHS), a welfare trust, has…


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An Interesting Article on the historicity of the Mahabharata - astronomical calculations

Found online at http://www.indianresurgence.com/history1.htm

Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari, M. Tech, Ph.D., Is a brilliant scholar of science, studied at Vidyasagar College , Calcutta , Rama Krishna Mission Residential College , Narendrapur and the University of Calcutta , with unique academic achievement in his credit. He is now serving the Department of Applied Physics, University of Calcutta , as a…


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Lovely photos and nice article about Kurukshetra, the holy place where Lord Krishna spoke the Gita

It is our dream for the future to promote the art of singing the Gita bhajan style in a huge way at Kurukshetra, the holy  place where Lord Krishna spoke the Gīta, and invite all members of our international GJ network to participate!

- dina


Extracts from an article mailed out by Chandan Bhatia:


The Exact Spot where Lord Sri Krishna…


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500,000 youths participated in 31 days of Science and Spirituality—Worldwide Bhagavad Gita Reading Program

Press Release by Jaydeep Chaudhari, Vice President, International Gita Society, California.

Place: Fremont, California

Date: January 10, 2012

500,000 youths participated in 31 days of Science and Spirituality—Worldwide Bhagavad Gita Reading Program

International Gita Society launched it’s a…


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International Gita Society opens a school for poor Hindu children in Bangladesh.

December 28, 2011

Press Release: International Gita Society opens a school for poor Hindu children in Bangladesh.

Fremont, California: The International Gita Society (IGS) opened a school for the poor Hindu Children named Vishwa Niketan School on December 21,2011 in Subidhat Village of Dinajpur District .  The function was started with reciting the Bhagavad Gita slokas. Hindu citizens participated in the function in large scale. The occasion was graced by the IGS, Bangladesh…


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GJI network is now Facebook-connected!!

Hare Krishna!

Happy to let everyone know that this GJ International network on ning is now connected with facebook thanks to our recent upgrade of the network sponsored by one of our active members!

All GJI members can now share content such as photos, videos, events, blogs, discussions or post your status updates to Facebook directly from our GJI Network!


yours in service

of sri guru, sri gauranga, sri-sri gandharvika-giridhari and srimad bhagavad…


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