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Truly ANYONE AT ALL can now sing the Gita!
Try it Please.
We fall at your feet and clasp them tightly, begging you:
Our generation may have IMBIBED faith in the Gita and the wisdom of the Vedic scriptures and sages. That came through Samskaras passed on to us faithfully by our forefathers, and it was the fruit of their lifetimes of austerity, of Honest and sinless living.
Now we have to teach it to our children, otherwise, the only inputs they are getting are from less-than-pure sources, such as the movies, TV, less-than-perfectly-moral teachers & film stars etc. etc.
We have the technology and the resources now to train up every child by just sitting with them and singing AT SLOW SPEED this chapter 12 of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. It takes just 8 mins and 30 secs.
Please, please realize - it is every parent's duty that when he/she brings a child into this world, it is their duty to Mother Earth, to God, and to fellow men, to EDUCATE the children to become good souls, good citizens. And as we are all sublime spiritual beings encaged in temporary mortal frames, it is absolutely necessary that
we give our precious children not only the Best Material Education we can afford....
perhaps more importantly, we must give them the Best Spiritual Education that we can.
And there is not any more universal, more practical, more wise and more purifying source of non-sectarian spiritual science than the Bhagavad Gita.
Therefore kindly train up your children with this process:
1a) Our Shastras say that all humans need control their mind and senses by beginning the day with 3 activities before sunrise: Ablutions (toilet); Bath & Prayers.
1b) . Then with the dutiful and ever-punctual dependable sunrise, we should begin our worldly duties.
1c) . The part of day prior to sunrise is called Brahma Muhurta and is spiritually potent.

1d) . By rising and bathing early, we cleanse our body and mind and we enter into the material energy of Sattva Guna (Chapter 14 of the Gita refers - www.asitis.com/14). And by engaging in vedic prayers, we not only purify but also spiritualise our bodies, mind and home, by contact with Shabda Brahman - spiritual sound that emanated from The Supreme in the spiritual sky beyond the Viraja River that divides the material manifestation from the eternal spiritual reality known as Brahman.
2a) . The family that prays together stays together. Definitely. Do your morning prayers. It is highly recommended in shasras for this day and age to do Sankirtana or congregationally singing songs for the glorification of God.
2b) . If you teach your children to clap hands or play tiny finger cymbals, they will find it fun because rhythm scientifically engages and absorbs the wicked mind. Then the Shabda Brahman, or spiritual sound of the mantras we sing, can purify the mind ('manasa trayate iti mantra' = 'mantra' is defined as 'that which frees the mind [from matter, engaging it in spirit])

3a) . At the end of your prayers, sing Chapter 12 of the Gita with your children [just 8.5 mins] -


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