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Gita Jayanti is coming!!! Have you activated your local neighbourhood temple yet??? Only 15 days remain - we CAN do it - get every single Hindu we know to EXERCISE his/her powerful faith in Mother Gita and Her spiritual wisdom. Just see how with this single URL, we can empower EVERYONE to easily sing at least one chapter of the Gita: www.bit.ly/SingGitaNow

If you believe in the purity of Mother Gita, I humbly fall at your feet, and clasping them tightly, I beg you - please help me work hard to distribute this great mercy - sit with local temple priests and sing a chapter with them - www.bit.ly/kgita12slow

If internet connectivity is a problem, please, please print out the 1-page Chapter 12 formatted in 10 Indian languages here: www.bit.ly/TenGitas - laminate it, give it to your temple pujari, ask him to place it on the altar, and offer 1 Tulasi leaf to it daily! {Surely he can do that at least!}


Wherever we are at any time on GJ & GP day, recite the Gita - Here are *all* the resources needed to singalong easily:
- www.bit.ly/gjdownloads [Gita audio, text, slides, Tamil, Telugu etc.]
- www.bit.ly/kgitadownloads or www.bit.ly/kgita12slow [Karaoke Gita for kids]
- www.bit.ly/mp3gita (MP3 audio Singalong Gita)
- www.bit.ly/pdfgita (PDF slides, highly simplified format)
- www.bit.ly/TenGitas (Temple program samples with timings & Gita in 10 languages)

Being thus inspired, please, invite all neighbourhood children to sing one or two chapters of Gita every day from today.. then on GJ Day [Tues 18th Dec this year], let your local temple come to life with enthusiastic singing of Mother Gita (or chanting or reciting or reading, as you like)

Let not a single Hindu miss this chance to serve and honour our Divine Mother Gita on Her birthday!) Gita Mata ki.... JAYA! Gita Jayanti International Maha-maha-mahotsava ki... JAYA! JAYA! JAYA!!

Your humble servant,
in the sacred service of Sri Guru and Srimad Bhagavad Gita,

Dina A. Das,
Gita Jayanti International
& Gita Jayanti Singapore



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