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My beloved Gurudev's friend, Professor of Vishishtadvaita philosophy at the (reputed to be the nation's best Sanskrit University!) Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyalaya at Tirupati, invited me to conduct a Simplified Sanskrit Pronunciation Course at their university.

Among the participants were some devotees from France and a local school headmaster.

During the presentation, Prof. Tripathi invited Prof. Satapathy to visit and observe what was going on. When he saw how we were teaching the foreigners in such a simplified manner, he made the remark, "Now you will conquer the whole world with Bhagavad Gita."

Mother Gita is certainly great, and we hope that by Her own mercy, she might conquer the world with Her love, compassion and wisdom. We are but insignificant servants of Her. It is only because She is so great and Her teachings are so wonderful, that we have been inspired to try and serve Her this way, to fulfil our revered Guru Maharaj's pure desire to unite the whole world spiritually through Her. Gita Mata ki.. Jaya!

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