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It was entirely by the causeless mercy of this Saint, my revered Spiritual Master, that Gita Jayanti actually began in Singapore, despite so many insurmountable obstacles.

A few months before Gurudev suddenly left this world, he reminded me of how important Gita Jayanti was for creating unity amongst Hindus... Maharaj told me, "I have been appointed as a Peace Ambassador for the government of India and they have sent me on peace missions to Pakistan and other muslim countries. There I would embrace our Muslim brothers and sisters and tell them they are my brothers and sisters. However, it is easier to get people of totally different religions to come together in peace and friendship, but it is so much harder to get people from different sects of the same religion to do so. That is why Gita Jayanti is so important - it is not easy to get all Hindus to unite and cooperate for a common cause."

When Maharaj was invited by the Malaysia Hindu Sangam to grace their Gita Jayanti celebrations in 2004, Maharaj made this prediction..... by his pure desire, it is finally coming to pass now, with this great call for unity by Jagadguru Sri Shankaracharya Maharaj Ji through prayer every year on the holy days of Guru Purnima and Gita Jayanti - www.bit.ly/GitaUnitesAll

Gita Mata ki.. Jaya! Srila Sripad Maharaj Gurudev ki... Jaya

[Maharaj was a Founder-Member and a Life Trustee] of the United Religions Initiative - www.uri.org

After several years of careful deliberation, the founder members who were religious scholars of all faiths finally came up with the beautiful URI charter - www.bit.ly/urippp

We hope and pray that through the improved networking and friendly bonds that are bound to develop over the coming years through regular gatherings at these common days and venues (GJ @ Angkor Wat & GP @ Kurukshetra) that a similar Intra-Faith charter for Hindus can be made to re-affirm our commonalities which unite and give us strength while respecting, and celebrating the differences that make us unique.

This way, we might better share resources and coordinate efforts wherever unity would be a strength, and yet keep our individual freedoms and sovereignty without unnecessary or unhealthy competition between us.

Also, through such improved opportunities for joint conferences and meetings, naturally mediators may emerge, through both formal and informal channels, to help settle in appropriate ways differences that may come up from time to time in the natural course of history. Such exemplary conduct of maintaining peace between all sects of Sanatana Dharma would set a perfect example for all its followers to see and emulate.

May the scientific wisdom of Sanatana Dharma, India's greatest message of Peace and Goodwill, help to eradicate religious violence and fanaticism on this lovely planet that we call home. Hare Krishna!

the insignificant humble servant of Mother Gita
through the grace of Srila Gurudev,

Dina-Anukampana Das
Gita Jayanti Singapore & Gita Jayanti International Social Network www.gitajayanti.ning.com / www.gitajayanti.org

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