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Two grand venues: Angkor Wat Cambodia and Brahma Sarovar Kurukshetra

25 feet X 26 feet X 50 feet!
Awe-inspiring - and really artistic!
The lake is rectangular - with a very wide covered parikrama path all around its more-than-3-km perimeter!

In the centre of the gigantic lake stands this iconic statue! Really inspiring to sit on the banks of this holy 400-acres lake, Brahma Sarovar and, for the pleasure of Sri Govinda, recite, read, chant or sing the entire Holy Gita in whatever language moves your heart!


How proud Indians must feel to see this superb gigantic 500-acres Angkor Wat Temple - for centuries, India led the world and spread her wisdom, culture, teachings and languages most benevolently, not by violent conquest but by Vidya Dhaanam - the gracious passing-on of divine knowledge that was received from God via the Vedas for the peace and prosperity of Man!


Gita Jayanti Maha-Mahotsava ki... JAYA! JAYA! JAYA!

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