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GJ SG 98 Article by Hon Sec & Founder of GJ Singapore and GJI, Dina-Anukampana Das

This historic magazine is online at www.tiny.cc/gj98sg-magazine

I recall that my schoolmate's father, one of the Founder Members of the Singapore Hindu Centre, the late judge, K Sounthararajan, thanked me for making the intiative to unite all the Hindu organizations in Singapore. He had stated that this event was the first time ever that the Singapore Hindu Centre and the Singapore Hindu Endowments Board had acknowledged each other and worked together on a common project - a major milestone for unity, achieved by the mercy of Sri Guru and Sri Paramatma!

This same uncle (and his good wife) kindly attended my 4-hours Sanskrit Pronunciation Course which I conducted at his Ceylon Tamil's community temple the lovely Senpaga Vinayagar Temple, Singapore, where the Self Realization Fellowship of the followers of Paramahamsa Yogananda are based - at the end of the course, where he witnessed every student speak one line each from the Gita with perfect pronunciation (mind you more than half the class was made of local Chinese people), he loudly announced to everyone - "This course is wonderful - teach it everywhere!"

A few days before, when we had our first call for unity meeting made by the then-President of the Ramakrishna Mission, HH Swami Jagadanandaji Maharaj, when I informed the meeting that I had found a way to teach people of any background to easily pronounce sanskrit within 4 hours, Mr K Southararajah (K S Rajah) could not restrain himself from remarking, "Impossible!" In response, I invited him to witness my above-described course which, by divine 'coincidence' was going to be taught his community temple the following Sunday.

Well, he was happy when after 3 hours and 45 minutes only I got every student able to recite the Gita and even self-correct themselves when we merely pointed out the number of errors they made! Incredible discovery, isn't it - but certified by several professors - www.tiny.cc/certific

Gita Mata Ki jaya! Gita Singing ki... Jaya!! Simplified Sanskrit pronunciation ki... JAYA!! Learn our techniques - www.bit.ly/sanskrit or watch this spontaneous demo class www.bit.ly/sanskrit4

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