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Cows love jalebi sweets.....and JALEBI Music !!!

This is a picture that CareforCows.com (located in Vrndavana, India) .......sent showing us one of their lovely cows who is eating a jalebi sweet and at the same time listening to our song "Govinda" (JALEBI Music)! Yes, even cows LOVE JALEBI Music!

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Comment by Shirley Marie Bradby on May 31, 2011 at 18:54

Shirley Marie Bradby aka MiraBai Devi Dasi (JALEBI Music lead singer)

Namaste! If anyone is interested in knowing more about cow protection in Vrndavana then please visit the Care For Cows website!  Thank you!

Here for your listening pleasure is the link for our song "Go-Go Govinda" in honor of the sacred cows and Sri Govinda! : ) I hope you like it! Get up ...and dance! Go-Go Govinda!  http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_1330483  

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