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More than 10 Sanskrit professors sang with us the whole Gita at our first ever Gita singing program in the Ashta Lakshmi Temple on the beach in Besant Nagar Chennai. They were happily surprised to see that each busload of tourists who came for darshan sat at the back of the hall, looked at our large Projector screen with the slokas IN TAMIL IN 4 LINES [instead of the usual 2 long lines] and spontaneously joined in to sing one chapter of the Gita with us before they moved back to the bus to continue their yatra!

After that they told me that they had never believed that persons reading from Romanized Sanskrit could pronounce properly, but they appreciated my pronunciation was good. I asked them why they had such a doubt since the IAST system used has no ambiguity at all - every character in sanskrit has one corresponding character in IAST Romanized Sanskrit - no duplication or ambiguity - They answered it was cos they saw foreigners on TV speaking the Gita slokas with poor pronunciation, so they assumed the fault was in the script! This certificate now says otherwise! Hare Krishna ;-)

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