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Video-live Gita Singing

Very lively singing here... enthusiastic tabla by Uncle Moorthy! Dr Radhakrishna spontaneously accompanies with harmonium! Chellappa prabhu joyfully turns the pages! Haribol!

# Chapters 17-18
# Gita Maahaatmyam (from Varāha Purāṇa)


This is Part 5 of 5 parts of a professional video recording of our live singing of the entire Bhagavad Gita. Please find all the other parts here www.vimeo.com or herewww.youtube.com

If you like to get the resources for singing the Gita in this easy, singalong way, you can get all the resources for free download via www.gitajayanti.ning.com.

A sample of the simplified text for easy singalong -www.gitasingalong.on.to Download the text in this format from www.dinasgitabook.on.to orwww.dinasgitapresentation.on.to

Download the MP3 audio tracks fromhttp://www.tinyurl.com/gitasingalong

New development: Download the entire gita in Karaoke format, which can be played back at variable speed.www.karaokegita.on.to or www.tinyurl.com/karaokegita

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