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Karaoke Gita

Gītā Verses in KARAOKE FORMAT...

at long last! www.tinyurl.com/karaokegita




Download the free KaraFun software and

all Chapters of the Gītā in high-resolution KARAOKE SINGALONG FORMAT!

(You can adjust the sliding controls to speed up or slow down the tempo

& to change the key to suit your voice. Very helpful for beginners.)




watch the video version on YouTube

(adjust speed to 0.5 / 0.75 for kids & beginners):






Karaoke Gita Video Format on YouTube (all chapters):-  www.tiny.cc/karaokegitayoutube (lower resolution) & www.tiny.cc/karaokegitayoutube1 (higher resolution)


Karaoke Gita in .wmv  Video Format (3.1kbps - lower resolution)

(Download from Dropbox.com or view online)  





Individual Chapters of Karaoke Gita in Video on Youtube @ 3.1mbps:

00a - Invocations [07m29s]
00b - Gita Dhyanam [05m05s]
01a - Chapter 1 Part 1 (v1-27) [07m54s]
01b - Chapter 1 Part 2 (v28-46) [05m42s]
02a - Chapter 2 Part 1 (v1-36) [11m26s]
02b - Chapter 2 Part 2 (v37-72) [11m17s]
03 -   Chapter 3 (v1-43) [10m50s]
04a - Chapter 4 Part 1 (v1-21) [06m07s]
04b - Chapter 4 Part 2 (v22-42) [06m18s]
05   - Chapter 5 (v1-29) [08m39s]
06a - Chapter 6 Part 1 (v1-23) [06m24s]
06b - Chapter 6 Part 2 (v24-47) [07m27s]
07 -   Chapter 7 (v1-30) [08m50s]
08 -   Chapter 8 (v1-28) [08m33s]
09 -   Chapter 9 (v1-34) [10m16s]
10 -   Chapter 10 (v1-42) [10m52s]
11a - Chapter 11 Part 1 (v1-27) [ 08m52s]
11b - Chapter 11 Part 2 (v28-55) [10m33s]
12   - Chapter 12 (v1-20) [06m23s]
13   - Chapter 13 (v1-35) [10m51s]
14   - Chapter 14 (v1-27) [08m36s]
15   - Chapter 15 (v1-20) [06m54s]
16   - Chapter 16 (v11-24) [06m39s]
17   - Chapter 17 (v1-28) [07m53s]
18a - Chapter 18 Part 1 (v1-39) [09m50s]
18b - Chapter 18 Part 2 (v40-78) [10m28s]
19   - Gita Mahatmyam (v1-23) [06m11s]


     Individual Chapters of Karaoke Gita in video format on YouTube @ 8.3mbps:

00a - Invocations [07m29s]
00b - Gita Dhyanam [05m05s]
01a - Chapter 1 Part 1 (v1-27) [07m54s]
01b - Chapter 1 Part 2 (v28-46) [05m42s]
02a - Chapter 2 Part 1 (v1-36) [11m26s]
02b - Chapter 2 Part 2 (v37-72) [11m17s]
03 -   Chapter 3 (v1-43) [10m50s]
04a - Chapter 4 Part 1  (v1-21) [06m07s]
04b - Chapter 4 Part 2 (v22-42) [06m18s]
05   - Chapter 5 (v1-29) [08m39s]
06a - Chapter 6 Part 1 (v1-23) [06m24s]
06b - Chapter 6 Part 2 (v24-47) [07m27s]
07 -   Chapter 7 (v1-30) [08m50s]
08 -   Chapter 8 (v1-28) [08m33s]
09 -   Chapter 9 (v1-34) [10m16s]
10 -   Chapter 10 (v1-42) [10m52s]
11a - Chapter 11 Part 1 (v1-27) [ 08m52s]
11b - Chapter 11 Part 2 (v28-55) [10m33s]
12   - Chapter 12 (v1-20) [06m23s]
13   - Chapter 13 (v1-35) [10m51s]
14   - Chapter 14 (v1-27) [08m36s]
15   - Chapter 15 (v1-20) [06m54s]
16   - Chapter 16 (v11-24) [06m39s]
17   - Chapter 17 (v1-28) [07m53s]
18a - Chapter 18 Part 1 (v1-39) [09m50s]
18b - Chapter 18 Part 2 (v40-78) [10m28s]
19   - Gita Mahatmyam (v1-23) [06m11s]



INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS (Karaoke Video format .wmv):-


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Comment by Dina-Anukampana Das on November 2, 2020 at 17:28

Karaoke Gita on YouTube - www.bit.ly/SingGita or www.bit.ly/gita-k
This tool is very useful especially for inducing children to sing the Gita and get it by heart - what is special with this recording is:
1. The children can clap their hands or play kartals to keep time, just like singing a Bhajan - the result of doing that is that they will automatically learn the chapters by heart more easily if they clap along and recite the same chapter once every day for 2-3 weeks! Children love doing this.
2. The Loooong vowels are highlighted by presenting them as CAPITAL letters. The verses can also be found in slideshow format in Simplified Romanized Sanskrit - www.tiny.cc/pdfgita
3. Most importantly, the YouTube player's menu (3-dots) has the option to slowdown the playback speed. Reduce it to 0.75 or 0.5 and any child will be able to sing along easily. Do the same chapter daily then after 2 weeks, gradually increase the speed - the kids will easily reach 200% soon, and they will be spiritually and materially benefitted by these powerful verses of the Gita!
Comment by Dina-Anukampana Das on November 2, 2020 at 17:25

Happy to announce that our Karaoke Gita is now available as an App on both android and apple platforms:




Comment by Dina-Anukampana Das on April 16, 2015 at 12:25

Step By Step Guide:

How To Use Our Free GjI Karaoke Gita



My note to a Krishna devotee, Kishora Krishna prabhu, on fb in response to his msg 3/1/2014 appreciating GJI resources...

Dear KK prabhu,

Please try to download the free karaoke software on yr laptop from www.karafun.com ;

Then download the karaoke format Gita (.kfn files) - 6 chapters each from the bottom of each page:




After downloading the karafun player from www.karafun.com, please install it.

When u first use the karafun player, 

- click the spanner icon to open Settings

- Click the Display tab. 

- In the first drop-down menu, select option Block With Bouncing Ball

Tadaaaaa! Now you r all set to go!

You can slow down the tempo by

- playing a file and then 

- clicking the arrows at upper right portion of the screen. 

- (You can even vary the key to suit your own natural voice pitch)

I humbly recommend start with a speed of -20% (especially when doing group recitation..maybe -30/35% for chapter 11!) [For group recitation i find using the PDF SLIDESHOW on a big screen plus the slowed down audio from the karaoke the best visual on a large screen...]

Once u start playing a track,

- double click anywhere in the video and it will become fullscreen.

- Double click again or hit Esc to return to the player)

{con't below}


(For contunuous play of all chapters,

- please drag and drop the whole folder of kfn files into the player

- then open that folder in the bottom left panel of the player

- then select all the kfn files and drop them on the PLAYLIST/NEW PLAYLIST which u can name Singalong Gita. 

- correct sequence is: Invocations (presently kfn version is missing...use the mp3 version please), then Gita Dhyanam, Then all 18 chapters, Then Gita Mahatmyam, 

- Then sing and dance Hare Krsna till you drop! ;-) Haribol! 


- To play the new playlist, right click the name of the playlist and select play

- Unfortunately it seems the tempo resets to Zero at the start of each chapter so you will have to manually change it to your desired speed.. 

- There is a settings option to start each track in paused mode...that may help avoid unexpected starts at the wrong tempo...

- One can easily PLAY / PAUSE a track simply by tapping the space bar!!

Devotees can sing hare krsna in the same tune / 'vasudeva sutam devam..' between chapters till the settings are done for the next chapter and that will keep up the mood and tempo of the mass singing event!)



How To Go Further: A Practice Plan To Polish One's Skills & Understanding:-

Once you have mastered a chapter, increase the tempo as far as you can comfortably go...you will relish the absorption it brings... 

Then next step is to contemplate the word by word meanings from the Gita as we sing the tracks. This is easily accomplished by: 

(1) memorise a chapter say ch 12 / 15 by singing daily ....only 7-10 mins 

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