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I was listening to Dina Anukampanda Dasa's mp3 recording of the entire Gita sung.  He does a good job singing and it was easy to sing along.  I think it would be great if people from the USA started getting together to sing chapters from Gita.  Any recommendations or comments are greatly appreciated.  And if your interested in singing Gita get in touch with Gita lovers everywhere on gitajayanti.ning

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hi mike!   Hare Krishna!  thank you for posting yr feedback.  i am glad you found it easy to sing along and that you have a desire to share the experience with others in your country!   If you click on http://gitajayanti.ning.com/forum/topics/networking-would-you-like-to you will see i started a thread of discussion there for people who wish to network.  If you know of any or would like to make one yourself in your locality, perhaps you cd post a msg there so that in future, others from your locality might come to know of it and thus contact you and other local gita enthusiasts!   Hope you have a great Gita Jayanti this year!  Haribol!  :-)   Gita Jayanti ki... jaya!  

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